Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Breastmilk storage

1.Autumnz Cooler Bag

Retail Price:RM 55.90

2.Autumnz Air Dry Mesh Bag (Medium)

Price:RM 8.00
Retail Price:RM8.90

3.Autumnz:Cooler Tote

Price:RM 40
Retail Price:46.90
Holds 8 standar neck bottles (5 oz each)

4. Autumnz : Zip Lock Breastmilk Storage Bags (25 bags)

Price: RM 11

Retail Price:12.90

BPA Free
DOUBLE zipper top to prevent leakage

5. You Have A Baby:Breatmilk Storage Bag (8oz:100 Bags)

Price:RM 25

Retail Price:RM 29.90

BPA Free

Value for money

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